Restore Your Run-Down Walls

With excellent drywall repair in Collinsville, East St. Louis & St. Louis, IL

Drywall is durable and long lasting when properly installed, but it can still develop problems over time. Abuse and excessive wear and tear can also cause it to break down. Fortunately, you can fix these issues easily with the help of a drywall repair expert. The staff at R.E. Plastering and Drywall is ready to step up as your expert. We can handle any drywall repair project quickly and effectively.

For complete drywall repair service in Collinsville, East St. Louis & St. Louis, IL, reach out to R.E. Plastering and Drywall today.

Drywall Repair Collinsville, IL

Trust your repairs to a professional crew

Different drywall problems require different drywall repair techniques. It's important to hire an expert who knows how to use the right technique for the right repair. Here are the most common techniques we'll use to repair your walls:


  • For small dents: These are easily fixed by covering the dented areas with fast-drying spackle. Once the spackle has dried, we'll sand the area to make it smooth.
  • For deep cracks: Most deep cracks appear on the seam where two drywall sheets meet. To fix them, we apply a thin layer of joint compound, put a piece of fiberglass tape over the crack and apply another coat of joint compound.
  • For holes: Smaller holes are fixed by applying a self-adhesive mesh patch and two coats of joint compound. For bigger holes, we use a larger patch. Screws and joint tape are often used to securely hold the drywall patch in place.
  • For damaged corners: Corner beads are used to reinforce corners. When they get damaged, we take them out and attach a new corner bead to the affected area.




These are just some of the ways that R.E. Plastering and Drywall can repair your drywall. Call 618-580-5617 now for complete drywall repair service in Collinsville, East St. Louis & St. Louis, IL.