Learn to Love Your Plaster Walls Again

With fine plaster repair services in Collinsville, East St. Louis & St. Louis, IL

Drywall was first invented in the US around 1916, but it took several years to catch on as a less expensive way to finish homes. As a result, many homes built well into the 1940s were finished with plaster. If you have one of these older homes and you need plaster repair work, turn to the experts at R.E. Plastering and Drywall. Our team will have your plaster wall patched and repainted in no time.

Make the call to R.E. Plastering and Drywall in Collinsville, East St. Louis & St. Louis, IL to take advantage of our plaster repair service right away.

Plaster Repair Collinsville, IL

How can we help you handle your plaster repair?

Plaster repair is an important service for the many homes that still have plaster walls. The team at R.E. Plastering and Drywall wants to make sure you still have access to an excellent plaster repair service. We'll keep your plaster looking just as good as it did 75 years ago.

Our plaster expert will meet with you to discuss what your home needs and explain our process of re-plastering your home. Once the job is done, we offer a five-year warranty on our plaster repair service. Call 618-580-5617 today to schedule plaster repair for your home in Collinsville, East St. Louis & St. Louis, IL.